A guest almost missed their Disney Cruise, so Disney held the whole ship for them

There’s good guest service, and then there’s amazing above and beyond guest service. The latter is what recently happened to one family traveling to Florida to catch a Disney Cruise, after everything that could go wrong, went wrong, during their travels.

Gary Spell and his family were on their way to Florida, when their first flight ran into mechanical trouble. After a delay, they finally took off, but this meant there was a possibility they could miss their next flight. While they made it in time, their airline had already rebooked them on a later flight, and one that would leave them little time to actually make it to their cruise. So far, this story is not shaping up to have a happy ending.

“I called Disney Cruise Lines [from the airport]. They were sympathetic, compassionate, and understanding. [The cast member on the phone] took all my new flight info, my cell number, and said she’d do everything she could to help us,” Gary writes on Facebook. “We landed in Orlando with no idea if we would make the cruise or not.”

Gary continues that when he and his family finally hopped off the plane, there was no one in the Disney terminal, and he feared the worst. But that’s when the magic really kicked in.

Disney had arranged for a bus, just for the family, to come and pick them up and take them directly to the cruise terminal roughly an hour away. Oh, and the magic still doesn’t stop there. When the Spell family finally arrived at the port, they were once again the only ones inside—except for the dozen or so Disney cast members waiting for them, ready to check them in at record speed to get them on the ship. They were then escorted onto the Disney Dream by one of the dressed-all-in-white captains.

“And that’s when it dawned on me,” Gary continues. “They’d held the cruise for us.”

The cast members told Gary and his family that the ship wasn’t going to leave without them, so the only thing to do was wait. That right there is some pretty amazing customer service, considering that thousands of other passengers on board also had to wait a little extra time to depart. But hey, pretty sure everyone on a Disney Cruise really loves a happy ending, especially when it concerns a nightmare travel story.

You can read Gary’s whole post below.

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