Gudetama and Curry House are teaming up for a delicious menu inspired by the Sanrio character

Sleepy-cute Sanrio character Gudetama has joined forces with Curry House for a delicious (and adorable) menu available for a limited time.

Curry House Restaurants have been around for over 30 years, with their flagship shop in downtown Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo. Sanrio has about a decade on them, with O.G. character Hello Kitty celebrating her 40th birthday in 2014.

The special menu is available now through January 2018 at the nine Curry House restaurants in Northern and Southern California. The full meal includes Keema Curry with rice, a cup of corn soup, salad, custard pudding, and a drink. Some locations offer limited edition collector’s items like a Gudetama beanie and placemat. And it’s not just a meal, it’s an experience.

Chef Gudetama is in the (Curry) House!

Commenters on the brands’ Instagram posts are reacting favorably for the most part. There are the satisfied: “Just went. So worth it,” and the concerned: “I will NEVER eat Gudetama. He’s too cute.” Many more Curry House and Sanrio fans are eager to check it out.

How cute is this setup?

If you don’t eat meat, there’s a vegetarian option too. Unfortunately, there’s not a vegan version — Gudetama is an egg, after all.


Curry House is only in California, so unless you live in the Golden State or have plans to visit, you might just have to salivate vicariously over these Instagram posts. We’re sure Sanrio will keep the food collabs going, and maybe your town will get a similar ~immersive~ option soon.

Check out the Gudetama x Curry House menu until January 2018 at Curry House locations.

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