We won’t say these Gucci aliens are “out of this world,” but we *so* want to

Leave it to Alessandro Michele to ~literally~ take Gucci to new heights. As in, intergalactic alien heights.

As the famed Italian house’s creative director, Alessandro Michele has encountered colossal success since taking the artistic reigns. So while we’d never question his bullet-proof instincts, we are a bit curious as to how his latest creative vision came to be. Because while celestial fashion has certainly been a trend lately, this is the first high fashion foray into alien territory in recent memory.

Just look for yourselves folks: These latest Instagram posts are out-of-this-world, to say the least!

Each of the nine alien-themed video posts features a unique being from their own planet. There’s green makeup, alien masks, metallic makeup and even a lizard suit amongst designer threads galore. And each one carries (what we think is?) an important message for us earthlings. Albeit, it seems like the aliens are still being cast for their roles in the Gucci-verse.

Some aliens seem a ~smidge~ friendlier than others.

Some are wise, wizardly creatures you know would be BFFs with Spock.

And look, there’s even a fellow earthling, too!

Using the tag #GucciandBeyond, the bizarre videos are in promotion of Mr. Michele’s Fall 2017 collection.

Met with over-the-moon reviews, said collection was apparently inspired by Alessandro’s vision for the future. Which totally helps us make sense of these space-aged videos, considering this is just about as futuristic as it gets.

Okay, so these videos are no doubt wacky. But hey, this the realm of high fashion where the stakes are sky-high, and the ideas are always bigger and bolder than we could ever imagine. And if Karl Lagerfeld can launch a Chanel rocket to the moon, it only makes sense that Alessandro Michele could create a Gucci-verse, too.

And side note: Daisy Ridley, are you paying attention?! Given the context, we think one of these stellar Gucci gowns is a ~must~ for your Star Wars press tour later this year!