Because one just isn’t enough, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” has *five* post-credit scenes

As you’ve learned over the years, you never leave a Marvel movie after the movie is over. You stay through all the credits, because 100% of the time there’s going to be a post-credit scene (or a tag, or a stinger, whatever you want to call it). The trend started with Tony Stark meeting Nick Fury all the way back in 2008’s Iron Man and continues today with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

And, clearly not wanting to be outdone anytime soon, Guardians of the Galaxy has not one, and not even two, but FIVE post-credit scenes at the end of the movie.


Guardians has already started screening for the press, so we’ve got a firsthand report that there are multiple post-credit scenes (but no spoilers here, go see the movie, okay?). At first, it was reported that there are FOUR scenes, but since this news broke, the movie’s director, James Gunn, has actually clarified that there’s another scene out there, too. It wasn’t screened for critics, because #spoilers.

So in total, FIVE scenes scattered throughout the end credits of the movie.

According to ScreenRant, “at least two of the five [scenes] sort of set up important and cool things for the future,” which is common for Marvel movies. Usually one tag is just one for laughs, while another actually hints at what’s coming in another Marvel film. Lately, though, both tags have been setting up future movies: Doctor Strange hinted at Strange and Thor’s pair up, while also revealed that Mordo has gone rogue.

Last year, the post-credit scenes in Captain America: Civil War set up both Black Panther and Spider-Man.

So what are we going to see with Guardians? You’re just going to have to see for yourself when it lands in theaters on May 5th.