Hope Peter Quill is ready, because here are the new villains in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”

If you were expecting to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 finally take on Thanos, you’ll have to wait a little longer because according to recently released reports from the Vol. 2 set, Thanos isn’t in the film at all (but don’t worry, he’ll be a huge part of Avengers: Infinity War). The second Guardians film will keep the focus solely on Peter Quill and our gang of heroes as they battle a couple new villains. Why?

On a set visit last April, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige told journalists:

"In 2008, there are two superhero movies that came out. One focused on the villain, one focused on the hero, and we at Marvel looked at them, like yeah, we focus on the heroes. We don't mind that. We like that. It really always is what serves the story."

So we’ll be focusing on our super cool team of misfits in Vol. 2. Great! But don’t worry, there will still be two villains and it’s time to meet them.

First up is Ayesha, played by Elizabeth Debicki — who made quite a splash in the latest Guardians teaser asking them: “Just who the hell do you think you are?” Not a friendly introduction at all!


Ayesha is the leader of the Sovereign race who the Guardians make a deal with to get Nebula (that’s Karen Gillan’s character) back. So, you’re probably wondering who these gold-covered Sovereign people are.

Kevin Feige describes them as:

"[The Sovereign are] very pompous, and they're gold and they're easily offended, which we’re also told early in this sequence, and that there's a very particular way you need to deal with them, and you need to speak with them and you need to be delicate, which is not easy for the Guardians, and certainly not easy [for] Rocket."

Uh oh. So Rocket, naturally, messes up the deal with the Sovereign people and the Ravagers are sent to get the Guardians. Enter: our second villain of the film — Taserface. Who honestly, has a pretty epic name.


So what’s the deal with Taserface and the Ravagers in Vol. 2? Yondu is actually in charge of the Ravagers and tries to persuade them to ignore Ayesha’s request to get the Guardians. But Taserface (played by Chris Sullivan, who you might know from This is Us) is tired of Yondu being soft on Peter Quill and begins a mutiny.

Our Guardians are forced to split up and set off on their own paths throughout the film. Will they come back together? Just how will they survive while apart? We’ll find out when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters May 5th. And we honestly couldn’t be any more psyched!