The new “Guardians of the Galaxy” poster is the most colorful thing you will ever see

We’ve been blessed with a brand new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, and along with that, another post for the movie. As director James Gunn kindly points out to us, the last poster we saw for the movie was completely in black and white. It was a perfectly fine poster and featured all our favorite characters. But, Guardians is so colorful, so it was time to dial up the volume on some intense hues.

The result? A poster that is so bright you basically need shades to stare directly at it.

Intense, huh?

There’s so much going on here. Chris Pratt’s Star Lord is front and center (typical Star Lord), and in one hand he’s got his blaster, in the other, his walkman. That’s all he really needs to save the galaxy…again.

Everyone else around him is doing just as much work to stop the approaching evil. Gamora has her trademark sword (even though we know from the trailer, she sometimes switches it up for a blaster), and Rocket Raccoon has a very big gun. Drax has a sword, Yondu has his fin (it will all make sense soon, promise!) and way in the back bad-girl-turned-semi-good Nebula is taking aim. New character Mantis is also present and accounted for, and can’t wait to see how she fights.

Now let’s talk about lil’ Baby Groot, sitting on Star Lord’s shoulder, all adorable.


Baby Groot, why so angry? Who hurt you Baby Groot? We will find them, and fight them for you.

If this poster is any indication of how jam-packed of awesomeness Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be, we’re psyched. The movie hits theaters on May 5th.

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