We’ve got new details about the “Guardians of the Galaxy” ride at Disneyland, and apparently it’s full of secrets

Since last summer’s announcement of the Guardians of the Galaxy ride Mission Breakout, everybody’s been anxiously awaiting a look inside. Formerly the famed Tower of Terror, this incarnation of the ride with use the same exterior structure. But the inside is going to look very different.

Walt Disney Imagineering Executive Designer Joe Rohde and Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment Joe Quesada gave a tour of the new ride to a handful of folks. And according to The Nerdist, this ride might just be the most exciting new addition California Adventures has ever released.

Although the ride is still in the early stages, this early look is not only a glance at the Mission Breakout’s development, but also a chance to see the future of Marvel in theme parks. It’s really kind of exciting.

Marvel Universe is constantly changing and expanding through movies, television, comic books, and animation. So it’s a daunting task trying to keep the rides dynamic and interesting for fans.

First of all, in Mission Breakout, your experience starts with a story of a high-stakes caper guided by Rocket. It is action-packet, fast-paced, and fun, in true Guardians style. You start by scanning your hand because Rocket needs your human print. Then, you help him with his plan is to shut down the generator. Things go awry, and the adventure begins when the elevator stops working.

From there, you’re launched into a prison break scenario, and according to The Nerdist, “From the moment you take off its chaos. Music fuels the ride and underplays the action.” And the action is thrilling, to say the least.

The most exciting part, according to the Disney execs, is how the ride will change from experience to experience.

The Nerdist reports, "there will be multiple versions of the ride so you never know what experience you’re going to get."

When asked if the new ride will try to integrate the latest Guardians of the Galaxy, Quesada offered a cryptic, but exciting answer. He said:

"That is the biggest challenge of doing Marvel in theme parks because whether it’s the comic book universe, the animation universe, the TV universe, the cinematic universe, it’s constantly changing. The challenge is how do you build it so that there’s this consistency with enough fluidity to the canvas where you can move things around. That’s the beauty of this exhibit.

Although Disney and Marvel might be trying to play coy, there’s one thing we know. Mission Breakout is shaping up to be the coolest new ride in Marvel Universe, and we can’t wait to ride!

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