This kid’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ costume won Halloween for all of time

Even though Halloween is sadly over and done, your social media feed probably still has a few, lingering Halloween night straggler pics. By now, you’ve seen it all: Frankenstein and vampires, the Super Mario brothers, the Rosie the Riveters and the Ruth Bader Ginsbergs, the sexy bacon (and anything else that can be sexy-fied, for better or for worse), the ghosts and goblins, that super adorable Viola Davis costume (worn by her daughter —seriously how cute was this?!), and of course, all the Minions and Elsa’s forever. Many of these were cute and well-done. Many others were put together the day (or hour) before (which is totally cool —we’re definite proponents of the lazy Halloween costume).

But then there are those humans who go the extra mile. Who take Halloween seriously as hell and make sure that their kids have the most insanely creative and realistic costumes ever. The ones who can’t settle for the $19.99 fireman costume from Party City and have to stitch, sew, and literally make magic happen with a few scraps of fabric. I truly admire these dedicated individuals. I especially admire Don and Christina Borchardt who went above and beyond with her child’s Rocket Raccoon costume.

If you’re not familiar with who that is, then you obviously haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet (what are you waiting for?!) But if you have, try not to let your jaw hit the floor too hard when you see this pic:

Whaaaaaaaat! I know, I know. It’s like Rocket Raccoon’s come to life, and he’s on your front door step like, “Gimme all yer candy NOW!” If I were a parent opening the door for this kid, well, for one I’d probably scream because I’d think there was an actual raccoon standing right in front of me. But then I’d load this kid up with tons of candy and maybe ask them to get their mama’s secret for making such a masterpiece. And by the way, according to the mom who made this amazing costume, it wasn’t even 100% perfect. Get out of here with that.

Since posting the photo yesterday, it already has over 2.6 MILLION views. Which isn’t even that surprising because, I mean, come on. Look at that costume. That costume is winning life.

This kind of takes the home-made dancing Baby Groot a step down in our hearts, but can you blame us?

(Images via Imgur)