Disney World might soon have its own “Guardians of the Galaxy” ride

For today’s completely unconfirmed, but totally cool, rumor: Peter Quill’s next stop might be Walt Disney World. 

In case you hadn’t noticed, Disney World (and Disneyland) loves to constantly change and add things — you know, like Star Wars Land! There’s a rumor over at Disneyland right now that soon, California Adventure’s Tower of Terror is going to get a makeover, and become Guardians of the Galaxy themed. It’s a pretty cool rumor, and now a Guardians rumor has made its way over to the other coast, too. EPCOT might soon be home to Star Lord, Gamora and Groot.

According to WDW News Today, sources suggest that as early as next year there might be a Guardians ride in EPCOT, which would make sense, since Guardians: Volume 2 opens in 2017. But what and where will it be? Supposedly, a thrill ride, and it’ll occupy the space currently housing Ellen’s Energy Adventure.

Hold on, pause to cry and light a candle for Elle’s Energy Adventure, only the best totally-chill ride in the park that takes on you a 45 minute adventure through Ellen Degeneres brain while she dreams about energy. It sounds like a trip, and IT IS, and it’s hilarious if you just accept that the whole thing is absurd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vylmw0zrjzg?t=1m9s

As sad as it would be to see Ellen go, it’s a very outdated ride from the late 90s, and with so much new technology and awesomeness out there in the world of theme parks, it’s really due for a refurbishment. WDW News Today seems to believe that the entire building would actually be demolished and rebuilt as something new, rather than trying to work Guardians in between the dinosaurs and Bill Nye (if you have to ask THEN YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND).

Remember, this is still totally unconfirmed, but the word around Future World is that this is happening. Get your last nap ride in on Ellen, because our favorite space misfits are moving in.

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