There’s a new “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” poster and holy Chris Pratt

So we have many things to be grateful for when it comes to superhero films. Not only are they maybe the most enjoyable part of any film season, not only are they big and shiny and beautiful, not only do we get to live vicariously through people waaaaay cooler than us — but let’s be real: the casts are made up of some of the most superhumanly good looking people on the planet. Which suits, since they’re generally playing super humans.

But like, it’s a BIT overwhelming sometimes, like right now, when Guardians of the Galaxy released a promo poster for the next movie. Because um. Chris Pratt, guys. CHRIS PRATT.

Look at him, staring longingly into the distance and holding onto his jacket as tightly as we wish he would hold us.


It’s like the cover of a romance novel, in which we obviously co-star with Chris Pratt, and he’s a moody but compassionate bad boy who sits in the back of our English Lit class listening to music with his feet up on the chair in front of him but then sometimes the Professor calls on him out of the blue and he says something wildly insightful so you know he’s smart, too. We haven’t thought about this at length at ALL, okay?

But hey, there’s another very important detail to this poster that we missed the first time we glanced at it.


TINY GROOT CLINGING TO CHRIS PRATT’S SHOE. As though we weren’t swooning enough already, this is too cute to stand.

This was EXACTLY what we needed on this long, long hump day afternoon. Bless you, Chris Pratt, our broody lord and savior.