There’s now a guacamole-themed restaurant and here’s where you can find its avocado magic

If you’re like us and will literally find any excuse to put avocado in/on your food (avocado toast? Psh, that’s for amateurs! We’re all about avocado brownies and even avocado burger buns now.), then you are going to die for this news. The guacamole gods have heard our prayers because…

There’s now an all-guacamole restaurant in the world.

New York City restaurateur Vincent Sgarlato has opened his second restaurant in the Big Apple, focusing this one on the guac goodness that has taken the world by storm. The restaurant, called GUAC: Tacos & Tequila in New York City’s East Village, will open this Friday (which just so happens to be National Guacamole Day!).

Hungry yet?

The menu features 11 types of guacamole, “ranging from Traditional to Tequila Abanero to Exotic Mango to Fried Golden Bacon,” according to Mashable.

Of course, you’re going to need something to go with your guacamole (or maybe you can just eat yours straight-up with a fork, no judgment here!), so the spot will also serve burritos, quesadillas, and traditional Mexican dishes. Plus, they’ve got an incredible happy hour, featuring, of course, a top shelf tequila selection.

Avocado worshippers, get yourselves to NYC stat to “guac it out!”