This Instagram account photoshops Dior onto “Harry Potter” characters, and it’s like a high fashion Hogwarts

Fashion-minded Harry Potter-lovers rejoice — we have the Instagram account you need to follow. Gryffindior (yes that’s Gryffindor + Dior) is a punny mashup account that photoshops Dior runway looks onto Harry Potter characters.

The account appeared online without fanfare on January 10th, 2018 and has been quietly churning out A+ content ever since. Despite the name, Gryffindior doesn’t just feature those who have been sorted into Gryffindor. For example, Ravenclaw Luna Lovegood is outfitted in a Dior look from their 2016 fall/winter collection, so Potter purists might have to look the other way.

Who What Wear spoke with creator Rachel Bernstein, who says the idea for the mashup account came to her in the middle of the night.

“Gryffindior came about during one of my 3 a.m. ‘I can’t sleep’ moments (a time I typically have the best creative ideas). I’d been looking for a project to brush up my Photoshop skills, the Instagram handle was still available (to my surprise!) and from there I started researching images and making posts,” Bernstein told the publication. “I’ve worked in the fashion industry for the last eight years and grew up reading/watching the Harry Potter franchise, so I loved the idea of creating a world where the Gryffindor House collides with the House of Dior.”

Bernstein has yet to branch out with other designer and Potter collabs but has a few in mind.

“Slytherins would be in head-to-toe Saint Laurent for sure,” she added. “I can’t picture Draco Malfoy in anything other than a Hedi Slimane–era leather jacket and skinny tie. Hufflepuffs would definitely be Stella McCartney enthusiasts. Her vegan approach to fashion and relaxed silhouettes speak to their earthy aesthetic. Ravenclaws are known for their individuality and wit, therefore Alessandro Michele’s Gucci is the obvious choice.”

Can we put in a request for Draco Malfoy in a leather Saint Laurent moto jacket!? Now we want to see the reimagined Harry Potter series where the cast is aggressively fashion-forward and Dumbledore struts through Hogwarts in a pair of black sunnies and cigarette pants. J.K. Rowling, do you see this?

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