YES! Grumpy Cat is getting her own comic book

Let’s take a second to think about the greatest comic book superheroes of our time: Batman, Superman, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman … and Grumpy Cat? That’s right, our sassiest spirit animal, Grumpy Cat, is joining the ranks of the most famous cape-wearers. She will be starring in a three-part comic book series with her little brother Pokey, debuting this fall.

According to Mashable, later this year (my best guess would be around the holidays) the trilogy will be bound as one big graphic novel. The furry Internet sensation will also appear in a series on comic strips online over the summer. Though nothing about the comic books’ plot has been revealed, it’s easy to guess how Grumpy Cat will be using her super powers: for sarcasm! Hooray!

Like her cat-contemporary, Garfield, Grumpy Cat already knows how to handle the spotlight beyond comic books. She’s “written” two best-selling books, pretty much broken the Internet with her cute little face, and worked with comedy queen Aubrey Plaza in her own Lifetime Christmas movie. Oh, and also, an artist once crafted her likeness out of bacon. You are not truly an international star until someone has crafted your likeness out of bacon.

Grumpy Cat made her Internet debut on Reddit back in 2012. Her very first YouTube video now has over 18 million views, and she has yet to crack a smile. Why fake it? Grumpy Cat, you are an inspiration to us all.

(Images via herehere, and here.)