Step aside Grumpy Cat: These animals deserve their own movies, too

Cancel your plans, people. Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever premiers on Lifetime tonight, and it’s going to be amazing, obviously.

Grumpy Cat got her start as a cat-lebrity because of her perma-grump face. People love the grump, and people love animals. But Grumpy Cat isn’t the only Internet animal sensation who we think deserves to star in a movie. There are so many creatures who have captured the hearts and eyeballs of Internet users around the world. Not all of them would necessarily have the star power to carry an entire movie, but some of them totally would. Here are our Internet-famous animal nominees who should star in their own movies, because they are THAT good at being animals:

Lil Bub

This little cat lady is already starring in her own TV show, so it wouldn’t be too unreasonable for someone in Hollywood to cast her in her own movie. She already has lots of celebrity friends and has a face for the big screen. Who do we need to call to make this happen?


Boo is known as the world’s cutest dog. That’s a pretty big title to live up to, but it’s definitely a reason for him to land his own movie. Frankly, the world’s cutest anything deserves to have a movie. Boo has over 16 million Facebook friends — that’s double the amount of people who live in New York City, FYI. A fake death report has even circulated the Internet (Boo is alive and well, you guys, don’t worry). If that doesn’t scream major international animal star, I don’t know what does.

Sneezing Panda

 I’ve watched this video at least 987 times. This mother/child panda duo deserve their own movie, even if it’s just this sneeze happening over and over again for an hour and a half, I’d watch it.Christian the Lion

Christian the lion was rescued from captivity by two men who later reintroduced him into the African wild. A year after they left him in freedom, they returned to see if he would remember them. He did, and it was MAGICAL! Anyone who doesn’t want to see this story turned into a movie has no heart and probably hates happiness.

Eddie the Otter

Remember Andre the movie? How adorable would a sequel be starring Eddie? We could call it Eddie (obviously you and I are the producers) and he could be the world’s first sea otter in the NBA. Or something like that.

Denver the Guilty Dog

Denver is so guilty it hurts. I hate to see him dealing with so much guilt, but I also love it, because he’s so dramatic and sweet about his feelings. This video could honestly win best short film at the Oscars if it was submitted.

Dramatic Chipmunk

For obvious reasons.

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