Was last night’s “American Horror Story” *just* as gruesome as “Walking Dead”?!

Spoilers ahead for this week’s American Horror Story: Roanoke. And also, strangely enough, this week’s Walking Dead. Oh man, did you ever think that the week of October 22nd would be like, the goriest week on television ever?

As you know, because you’ve seen the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, Negan claims two victims, both Abraham and Glenn (noooooo). He did so by bashing their heads in with his barbwire-bat, Lucille, and it was intense. It was also horribly gruesome, and has since sparked a whole lot of backlash against The Walking Dead and their portrayal of violence.

That should have been the end of blooody-head-bashing on television this week. And then American Horror Story happened.

After learning that her husband returned to the Roanoke house to have some ~sexy Supreme time~ with Scáthach, Shelby grabs a crowbar and smashes Matt’s head in, and oh wow.

Though we love both of these shows a lot, so much so that we keep on watching after they get weird (cough*Hotel*cough), this was actually a little too much. Let’s just say that Twitter was not amused.

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Also, viewers picked their *favorite* violence, and is it just us, or is this getting weird?


And this was still only the head-bashing part of the episode! Not one but SIX people were attacked with a meat cleaver (Sidney and his production team, Shelby — who survived — and then Agnes at the very end). There was also that one time Lee’s thigh was cut up and COOKED (omg), and Rory was also strung up between the trees to just bleed absolutely everywhere.

It was a lot to stomach, American Horror Story. Here’s to both the Walking Dead and AHS playing it a little bit less bloody next week.