When I Grow Up, I Want to Be Veronica Mars

Since the Veronica Mars movie came out on Friday, I decided to re-watch the entire series. After days of non-stop watching, I came to a realization: when I grow up, I want to be Veronica Mars. I know that may sound strange since I am 28 and in the show, Veronica is in her late teens, but I can’t help it – she’s amazing!

Sure, she’s lucky enough to be played by the stunningly beautiful Kristen Bell, but there is so much more to Veronica then her good looks. For one thing, she is undeniably smart. Veronica has a rare combination of being both book smart and street smart. She can ace her test and outwit a criminal (or several) in the same episode. She even solves crimes the local police can’t figure out. Whether it’s something as small as finding out who started a rumor in school or something as big catching a killer, Veronica always prevails. She’s just too smart not to. And when it comes to boys, she never hides her intelligence. I know that may not sound like much, but it is when you consider how many times you see a girl play dumb just to get a boy to think she’s cute. Veronica is smart enough to know that her intelligence is an asset, and she uses this asset to help those who need her. She has a strong moral compass and is determined to bring justice to the people of Neptune.

The series begins with Veronica’s fall from popularity. One year, she is the most popular girl in school, dating the richest, cutest, most popular guy and the next she is single, friendless, poor and the butt of everyone’s jokes. Yet she holds her head high, which is especially incredible considering she is in the heightened world of high school.

Veronica has a rare quality for female characters: complete and utter self-confidence. No one can mess with her because she won’t give him or her that power. And boy do the mean kids, teachers and parents try to mess with her! This is honestly what I admire most about Veronica. When I watch her, I feel empowered. It’s like I just needed to see someone else do it to know what it looked like. Our society is filled with people tearing women down. Just look at a tabloid and you’ll find someone picking apart the looks of a gorgeous actress. Veronica teaches me and her other fans that you need to stand up for yourself and never let what someone else thinks about you define who you are.

I know this sounds like I’m some crazy fan who holds Veronica on a pedestal, and maybe I am, but Veronica Mars is not perfect. She has many flaws. She has severe trust issues and usually acts first and asks questions later. In fact, much of the trouble in the first season’s finale would never have happened had Veronica slowed down and trusted people. But Veronica’s flaws make her more relatable. No one is perfect, not even Veronica. And who would want to be, anyway?

So how exactly am I going to translate this realization into my real life? No, I’m probably not going to become a private detective and I definitely can’t travel back in time and fix my teenage self’s confidence. What I can do though is believe in myself, stand up for what I think is right and never forget how awesome I am. Thanks, Veronica!

Jessica Richards is an actress and writer living the dream in Burbank, California. When she’s not working, she’s either watching soap operas, eating cupcakes or playing with her dog Charlie–although sometimes she does all three. Follow Jessica on Twitter @JessRich4204.

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