Believe it or not, making this pretty frosted glass vase is a super-easy

Disclaimer: this is a very, very easy craft project. You’re pretty much just painting a vase a different color! What makes it fun, though, is the paint: a pretty, glossy white enamel that looks pearly in some lights and almost opaque in others. Applying the paint with a foam brush gives the vase some nice texture, too. The process couldn’t be easier—put on a coat of paint, watch an episode of your favorite show, then come back and apply the next coat. The final result looks like true frosted glass, or milk glass, one of my favorite vintage materials.


  • Clean, dry glass vase
  • White glass enamel paint
  • Foam paintbrush
  • Paint dish
  • Scratch paper

Craft away:

  • Cover your work space with the scratch paper.
  • Apply a thin, even layer of the paint to the outside of the vase. You can paint the bottom of the vase if you want, too.
  • Add as many layers of paint as necessary until the glass is textured the way you like. Let the paint dry at least an hour between coats.
  • Fill your pretty new vase with flowers, and enjoy!