16 gross things you can only do in front of a best friend

Reaching best friend status comes with many wonderful perks… and also some weird ones. Yes, you now have someone who will be there for you through thick and thin, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t going to get gross at times. Because let’s admit it: There are many unattractive things you can only do in front of a best friend. Let’s discuss…

1. Yes, it’s been a few days since you last showered. And yes, you’ve already told them.


2. Popping pimples is no big deal – especially since they’re there to make sure you don’t draw blood. In fact, they’ve even offered to show you how it’s done.


3. Adjusting your bra and underwear in front of them is basically like saying “I love you,” right?


4. You’re afraid that you’ll unintentionally pass gas in front of others because you’re so comfortable doing it in front of your bestie.


5. If you’ve got food in your teeth, you better believe you’re picking it out in front of them.


6. Every inch of your body has been groomed in front of them (yes, even your bikini area).


7. If you do groom down there, they’ve seen you clean up your pubes before hitting the beach. If not, they’ve encouraged you to rock that bush like a fierce queen.


8. You’re 100% willing to prove that you can eat more tacos than them (and the average human).


9. You feel comfortable throwing up because you know they’ll guide you to the toilet, hold your hair back, and nourish you with crackers when it’s all over.


10. By now, you’ve told them every last detail about your menstrual cycle. They probably know more than your gyno.


11. You never have to worry about a second opinion because they’re always ready to tell you if your poop looks weird.


12. To find out who truly has the oiliest skin, you’ve invited them to try to out-blot you with their blotting sheets (which match yours, of course).


13. You’ve conducted countless armpit smell-checks in front of them and have even invited them to take a sniff (they obliged).


14. You’ve begged them to smell your greasy hair so you can figure out if you need to cover up the problem with a cloud of perfume.


15. When WebMD freaks you out, they’ve examined all the weird rashes and moles on your body.


16. When you need help removing your tampon or Diva Cup, guess who’s going to assist you?


After all, you know what they say about besties who do gross things together?

They stay together. 

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