The rise of the Griz Coat (and other hilariously weird cold-weather jackets)

Some coats you buy for style, others for warmth. And then there are the coats you drop hard-earned cash on to make other people laugh. It’s a thing we’ve noticed people doing, and we can’t ignore it anymore.

We live in a wonderful age right now where anything you can dream can become a reality, and Halloween lasts 365 days a year. Which means, if you’re twin brothers, Hans and Karl Reichstetter, you can dream of making the Griz Coat—a coat-and-hat combo that’s basically a bear costume— and then watch as it takes off and becomes a really crazy reality.

The Rechstetters’ fundraised over $14,000 on Kickstarter to make the coat a reality back in 2012. Since then, it’s become increasingly more popular every year, according to Businessweek. And this fall, the coat is expected to see a spike in sales—and not just for Halloween.

The Griz Coat is, of course, exactly what it sounds like: a coat of a Grizzly Bear. You may have seen a similar coat on Workaholics and you’ve probably seen a few of them on Instagram.

Much like the amazing Kigurumi animal onesies, (I’ve got the Magenta Owl) the Griz Coat seems to be everywhere these days.

Besides society’s natural inclination towards goofball things, what makes this so popular? I think the biggest thing we as a modern society have to face is that is it easier than ever before to share and covet and buy. I follow so many Instagram accounts that just drain my bank account more than anything else. Now, if someone has cute shorts on in a photo they have probably tagged where they bought them and within ten minutes your own pair can be on their way to you. And that’s how the Griz Coat became so popular: social media. They encourage you to share pics of you in your Griz Coat thus perpetuating the Griz Coat and making sure more people see it and it’s genius and amazing!

I can assure you the dude from my high school who wore a bear suit at parties would have been an Instagram star had that existed in 2000. (Okay, it was my boyfriend at the time.) So when you see someone wearing a ridiculous Griz Coat why wouldn’t you immediately want it and seek one out for yourself? It’s common sense. So in the spirit of fun and the Griz Coat, I’m going to share some other amazing comedy coats I found that might even break out like that did!

I sincerely hope I start seeing a million people wear this coat.

Which obviously reminded me of the infamous Kermit Coat Lady Gaga wore. Which I would legit wear if it were made out of the “ERIN” Beanie Babies which are emerald green.

But if Kermit isn’t your thing you CAN wear a coat of teddy bears


For the more functionally-minded there is this umbrella jacket which when I lived in New York I would have found very useful.

I have no info on this except that is it incredible and I’d like one ASAP.

And, for when you want to be close to your special someone, the two-person coat:

What amazing coats have you found? Which would you wear?

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