Grimes and Janelle Monáe get their intergalactic space warrior on in the video for “Venus Fly”

One of the most amazing songs on weird-pop innovator Grimes’s all-amazing Art Angels is “Venus Fly.” It’s all huge bass and bratty chants, plus incantations courtesy of the queen, Janelle Monáe. An alien landscape in the form of two women singing and making music together. In other words, it’s the kind of song that deserves a brilliant, bananas video. And boy, does Grimes deliver.

“Venus Fly” is a cybergoth fantasy wonderland, a textural and colorful feast for the eyes.

Grimes and Monáe star as versions of Venus and of the Fly respectively, two characters (?) built out from the song. The color palette in this video is remarkable stuff. Sleek but still saturated, mostly void of story but rich in gorgeous symbols: false false

The video first went up on Wednesday as a Tidal exclusive. In a missive to fans, Grimes explains why she went with an exclusive and limited premiere:

We get it — it’s hard to build out the strength of your creative vision without some cold hard cash. Grimes herself is extremely fond of DIYing her videos in full, but if the opportunity to do it big arises? Take it, and run with it.

So until the Tidal exclusive ends, watch a clip of the video below:

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