Grimes’ new album looks and seems like a real Halloween treat

After months of teasing new music, ideas, collaborators, and influences, wonderfully weird pop idol Grimes is finally ready to drop some concrete information about her album. (You see that, Frank Ocean?) In true Grimes fashion, she made the announcement over social media: Her fourth album, and her first since the explosive popularity of Visions, is coming out next week, just in time to provide the spooky soundtrack of your Halloween party.

Titled Art Angels (a pun on “archangels” and a play on Grimes’ self-made production), the new album’s cover pulls from several of her favorite aesthetic influences, like Japanese animation, body horror, and paneled layouts. It’s not quite a match for her tour artwork, which has her looking like a vampire queen, or other artworks she’s posted before; in fact, it’s best processed by looking at it head on:

It’s certainly a *lot* of image, but considering Grimes’ smorgasbord of sound and lyrics inspirations, this is kind of appropriate? Regardless, we can’t wait to finally hear (and see videos from) the new album soon — it’s sure to be as conversation-starting as its artwork.

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Images via Instagram.