This grieving baby monkey clutching a teddy bear will definitely pull at your heartstrings

Unfortunately, we’ve come across something that will probably make you cry that has nothing to do with your current Monday blahs struggle. Grab the Kleenex because this photo of a grieving baby monkey holding a teddy bear will have you knee-deep in feelings.

According to Mashable, the adorable baby monkey named named Mongkood is a 2-month-old Northern pig-tailed macaque that saw its mother being killed, narrowly escaping poachers itself.

While coping with its tremendous loss and becoming acclimated with its new surroundings at Thailand’s Wildlife Friends Foundation, the precious baby monkey found a BFF in a stuffed teddy bear, which serves as a source of comfort in its time of need.

The Wildlife Friends Foundation says Mongkood was being kept as a pet but was saved and brought in to the organization’s wildlife hospital. According to the post, the animals are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, with the species’ population decline estimated to be more than 30 percent over the last three generations.

With a face like this, we could see how someone could be tempted to take this adorable monkey under their care.

However, due to the ongoing decimation of the Northern pig-tailed macaque population, the Wildlife Friends Foundation strongly advises against keeping these wild animals as pets.

As for Mongkood, the infant animal appears to be in good hands for the time being. The foundation staff members provide him with round-the-clock care and are working to help him make the transition to living in captivity in the least stressful way possible.

Our hearts go out to Mongkood, and we hope he will continue to thrive and blossoming into a well-adjusted adult.