“Grey’s,” “Scandal,” “HTGAWM” — Here’s which Shonda Rhimes shows got renewed

Get excited Shonda fans! ABC just announced which Shonda Rhimes shows are getting renewed for another season. It’s always hard to decide which show we’re most excited about since they’re all so good! So we’re going to stick to being excited to hear about all of the Shondaland shows! And in true Shonda fashion, we’re going to make sure that it is a super dramatic reveal!

So get ready!

For the new 2017-2018 season the following Shonda shows will return with new seasons!

Grey’s Anatomy will be back for its 14th season!

It’s so impressive that it’s been on so long, and we’re really not surprised! Grey’s is forever a fan favorite that keeps us coming back for more!

Scandal will be back for its 7th season!

Again, really not surprised! We’ve always been super addicted to Scandal, and seriously cannot get enough of it! Shonda fans would probably start a political uprising if we didn’t find out what happens next!

And finally, How To Get Away With Murder is back with its 4th season!

We were just playing with you! All her hits got renewed for a new season, because of course they did!

There isn’t word yet on whether they’ll all be on Thursdays again (we seriously hope so)! We’re also excited for some newer Shonda programming! Her show The Catch will be returning for a second season, and she has two new exciting sounding shows in the works! According to Variety, one is inspired by Romeo and Juliet, and the other is a legal drama!

So thank you, Shonda! We are seriously in awe of you and your amazing TV writing chops! We’re forever indebted to you, beautiful Queen of Thursday Programming!

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