“Grey’s Anatomy” is getting a web series, and just in time for its *300th* episode

It’s not something we’ve ever thought of, but we don’t know why, because a Grey’s Anatomy web series is the best idea in the history of womankind. (Okay, Trader Joe’s cookie butter might beat it out, but only by a FRACTION if so.)

In celebration of hitting its 300th episode on November 9th, we’re going to get a Grey’s Anatomy web series companion to our usual #TGIT episode.

The six-part web series, Grey’s Anatomy: Post-Op, will be a sort of talk show.

Gordon James (aka Nurse Gregory) will host, and chat with the cast, writers, producers, and crew about the show we all know and love. It’ll air in the weeks leading up to the — let’s say it again, ’cause it’s bonkers — 300th episode.

So it’s not only something we’re super excited to watch. It’s also definitely going to ramp up our already unbearable anticipation for another landmark episode.

The series will look back at the show’s past, exploring well over a decade’s worth of drama. (If you’re reading this, ABC, do not make us relive Derek’s death. Do you hear us? We can’t handle it. Same goes for Denny and Izzy. KEEP THAT PAIN FAR AWAY, THANKS.)

The web series goes live on Wednesday, October 4th at 10 AM on ABC’s app and website, so make sure you schedule a “morning meeting” at that time.


We’ll see you at this very important top-secret work meeting that absolutely won’t just be us hiding in our offices watching the episode of on our phones and ignoring all of our responsibilities.

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