11 of our favorite “Grey’s Anatomy” Easter eggs from its 300th episode

On Thursday night, Grey’s Anatomy hit a major milestone. No, it wasn’t a record for most dramatic-but-probably-plausible medical ailments in a TV series, rather the series hit it’s 300th episode. That’s right, Grey’s Anatomy has officially celebrated 300 episodes, with just 32 more to go to beat ER for longest running primetime medical drama.

In 300 episodes, the iconic Seattle hospital has seen our favorite doctors come, go, and die — RIP George, Lexie, Mark, and Derek — gone through a series of name changes, and more traumatic incidents than any other hospital on the globe, with the exception of the nonsense going over at General Hospital.

But in celebrating the momentous milestone, Grey’s Anatomy celebrated the previous 299 with a series of Easter eggs embedded in the episode.

From explicit callbacks like the Izzie, George, and Cristina lookalike patients to the music, here are some of our favorite Easter eggs from the 300th episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

1. Right off the bat we’re treated to an Easter egg, as Meredith and Alex are riding a ferry. But while this is certainly a callback to some of the *very* dramatic incidents that have involved ferries in the world of Grey’s, it’s also a reference to Mer’s husband, the late, great Dr. Derek Shepherd, who loved riding on ferries.

2. The episode reuses a number of songs featured throughout the series’ run, including, “Cosy In the Eocket” by Psapp, which was the show’s theme during the first few seasons, and “Portions for Foxes” by Rilo Kiley, which was the first song played in the pilot episode.

3. The new Sloan-Grey residents hang out on the gurneys in the tunnel, much like Meredith, Alex, Cristina, Izzie, and George.

4. In the episode, two of the patients — the Cristina and George lookalikes — are stuck together in a roller coaster car and the doctors must figure out a way to separate them without causing medical harm to either, a direct reference to “Into You Like a Train,” where two patients were stuck to a pole.

5. The Izzie lookalike, who is pregnant, starts off by saying “seriously” a LOT — which in and of itself is a massive easter egg— but then passes out and then something major happens: Alex carries her like Izzie carried Denny!

6. Amelia saves a patient from the same fate as Derek, after she fights for him to have a CT scan when Owen wanted to handle the “life-threatening” injuries first. Grey’s fans know that Derek could have survived his accident if the doctors had caught his brain bleeding instead of looking at his other injuries first.

7. Speaking of dead Grey’s doctors, Bailey and Webber are desperate to save the George lookalike, not only because it’s their job, but because they couldn’t save George, who he died from his injuries after being hit by a bus.

8. Meredith is nominated for a Harper Avery award, a fictional prestigious medical award in the series. Mer mentions in passing that Cristina is probably jealous of her nomination, a reference to Cristina leaving the hospital (and Sandra Oh’s departure from the series) in order to try and win one at Preston Burke’s hospital in Zurich.

9. Arizona must perform a difficult surgery on the Izzie lookalike to deliver her baby, Arizona attempts to calm her by telling her about her own daughter, Sofia. She also reveals how much she misses Mark — Sofia’s dad — and his easygoing nature that used to frustrate her. Later, as Arizona and Sofia arrive at home and head for the kitchen, the camera zooms in on a framed photo of Arizona, Callie, Mark, and a baby Sofia.

10. In Jackson’s Harper Avery speech on Meredith’s behalf, he gives a quick rundown of all the trauma Meredith has faced since the series began —including the deaths of her mother, sister Lexie, and husband Derek. In the OR room where Mer is watching the award, she imagines her mother clapping in the gallery.

11. Bringing things full circle, the new residents are kicked out of the tunnel by Meredith, Alex, and Cristina via phone, to celebrate Meredith’s big win at their old spot.

Honestly, this episode had everything — minus Kyle Chandler’s bomb squad guy, and, of course, “Chasing Cars.” But all in all, it was the perfect celebration of everything we’ve come to know and love about Grey’s. Here’s to *another* 300!