“Grey’s Anatomy’s'” midseason finale was too much to take

To be honest, almost every episode of Grey’s Anatomy is a little too much for us to take. It must be some kind of universal law that characters on that show can only be happy for a set amount of time before the universe upends and drops them into the garbage pile of angst and sadness and betrayal yet again. Don’t get us wrong — it’s great, and we love it, but sometimes we’re a little sensitive and can’t quite cope, you know? The midseason winter finale of Grey’s Anatomywas one of those episodes that we just wanted to cover our eyes and scream “lalalalala” throughout, because MAN is our Grey’s family suffering.

In short: Alex might be going to jail, Amelia possibly left Owen, Webber got blindsided by Bailey, Arizona and Eliza are definitely going on a date, and we’re just crying in a corner. It’s FINE. (It’s not fine)

We don’t even know how to prioritize what we’re feeling. Are we more worried about Alex going to jail? We left off with him listening to a voicemail from Meredith begging him not to take the plea deal and go to jail RIGHT AS THE DA TELLS HIM THEY’RE READY FOR HIM. Are we going to open on the next episode with Alex Karev starring in Grey is the New Black? (We would watch that show 100%, yes)

Or are we more worried about OWEN, who like, lives under a permanent rain cloud? Possibly we’re most concerned about Webber because seeing he and Bailey fight is like watching our parents argue (maybe worse than that). Realistically, we’re just going to focus on Arizona and Eliza for the next few weeks, because we cannot go into the holidays with this much angst. THANKS A LOT, SHONDA.

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