Guess what time it is? It’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ blooper reel time!

Our hearts were broken and our eyes were swollen (for weeks) when we suffered the loss of McDreamy last May. Worlds were rocked savagely by the shocking end of Derek Shepherd and though the beautifully doe-eyed doctor will no longer charm his ways around Seattle Grace, we will no doubt cherish the eleven wonderful years we spent with the ever perfect physician of our fairy tale dreams.

As Grey’s Anatomy‘s dozenth season draws near, we’ve also begun to slowly accept that the bold and ever-daring Shonda Rhimes had actually a good, romantic reason for killing off everybody’s favorite doctor. It was understandably an incredibly difficult one but we’ve been left with the tender knowledge that Meredith and Derek’s magic will “remain true and remain frozen in time.” He loved her till’ the end, she will love him until the very end, and we will forever love (and miss) him to the end of the time and beyond!

The complete 11th season of Grey’s Anatomy will be available on DVD tomorrow, August 18, and as if we’re not already quivering in our seats with sheer excitement, YouTube has just blessed our manic Monday with a truly giggle-worthy compilation of smiles, laughs, flubs, and pure love.

After an incredibly intense season filled with trauma and loss, these hilarious outtakes serve as a refreshing reminder to why we fell in love with the show in the very first place. It also, in many ways, serves as a sentimental farewell to Mr. Patrick Dempsey and the dream of a doctor he was. And always will be.

The bold and ever-daring Ms. Rhimes has already mentioned that season 12 will be a much lighter season compared to the heavy drama of season 11. That’s not to say that there won’t be any emotional moments when the series returns, but the show runners are definitely figuring out “ways to tell what’s a very emotional story — more of a charming way to tell an emotional story.”

Grey’s Anatomy season 12 returns to ABC Thursday, September 24 at 8:00 p.m. ET. and we’re sure to be planted front, center, and eagerly awaiting all the new drama and action! In the meantime, check out the rad blooper reel from season 11.


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