This “Grey’s Anatomy” blooper reel is making our Monday so much better

Looking for your off-season #TGIT fix and a way to get you through the mid-Monday slump? Turns out, things weren’t always so dire at Seattle Grace. Earlier today, Entertainment Weekly released the Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 blooper reel, and it’s making our Monday feel like sweet, sweet summer vacation.

Check out the blooper reel below!

Although we’ve gotten blooper reels from Grey’s Anatomy before, nothing quite hits the spot like seeing your favorite dramatic actors being silly and having fun behind-the-scenes. Television is so much more fun to watch when you know people had fun making it!

Especially in a show like Grey’s, where the titular character, Meredith Grey (our BABY), has experienced so many tragedies and heartbreak, it honestly makes us feel so much better about the world to see her laugh… even if it’s out of character, as Ellen Pompeo.

C'mon, Mer, let us have a little fun.
C’mon, Mer, let us have a little fun.

Grey’s Anatomy has been on longer than some preteens have been alive, so we’re pretty attached to it. Honestly, if you can be attached to your 10-year-old sibling or cousin, we can be genuinely attached to the people on this show, and you can’t judge us for it. Okay? Okay.

And although some beloved characters have left the hallowed halls of Seattle Grace (now Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital), some old favorites remain present, reliable, and much-loved. While we love the drama and heartbreak (and humor!) Grey‘s brings to our lives, we’re definitely ALL ABOUT this blooper reel.


We’d like at least one blooper reel per episode from here on, plzkthx.

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