Bailey had a really serious health scare on “Grey’s Anatomy,” and honestly, we still aren’t over it

Last night’s #TGIT has taken on an entirely new meaning. Instead of the typical Thank God It’s Thursday mood, Grey’s Anatomy fans all over the world collectively heaved a sigh of relief — here comes a spoiler! — and exclaimed, “Thank God Miranda Bailey Did Not Die.”

The latest Grey Anatomy’s episode showed Dr. Bailey having a close encounter with the Grim Reaper when she had a heart attack scare and brought herself to the hospital. And out of all places she could pick, she went to Seattle Presbyterian.

Really, Bailey?! Have you not learned a thing in the last 14 years? You know damn well that rival hospitals have a track record of letting Grey Sloan’s surgeons D-I-E (We miss you, Derek). So predictably, the so-called doctors who examined Bailey assumed she was just paranoid. They even denied her request for a stress test! She questioned why these male physicians continue to dismiss women’s claims, but it was like talking to a brick wall. At that point, we wanted to knock the wind out of Dr. Maxwell.

For an entire hour, we were on the edge of our seats and almost lost our minds because of the fear of losing our favorite chief of surgery.

It also didn’t help that the Grey’s Anatomy episode featured Bailey’s greatest moments, including scenes with Seattle Grace’s departed (R.I.P. George and McDreamy), which led us to believe that she would suffer the same fate. false

Luckily, Maggie Pierce came to the rescue, reprimanded the incompetent surgeons (YES), and helped Bailey.

And what do you know? Bailey survived! Peace is once again restored in Shondaland. false

The episode not only heightened the drama but also made it clear that women should be taken seriously and treated with respect when it comes to health matters, and we applaud Grey’s Anatomy for that.

We wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves if Miranda Bailey ended up dying. So thank you, Shonda, for giving her another lease on life. And here’s to finding out what she does with that in the next episodes of Grey’s Anatomy!