Grey Worm and Gendry are BFFs IRL, and this is maybe too hot to handle

Grey Worm and Gendry, you exist on opposite sides of the Seven Kingdoms, yet somehow you meet right in the middle…of our hearts! 


Although these two stars have never crossed paths on Game of Thrones, Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) and Joe Dempsie (Gendry) have actually worked together in the past on the UK TV series Skins.

And ever since then, it seems like these two have remained the best of friends.

You’ll see here in Exhibit A, that they enjoy nice chats over long walks together.

And in Exhibit B, they goof around with each other at ~serious~ events.

Exhibit C requires a slightly closer look, but here they are enjoying front row seats at a fashion show.

They’ve even been known to let fellow Skins alum in on this adorable bromance.


Looking good, gents, keep up the good work!

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