The most dateable people in America grew up in one of these 10 cities, according to this study

Have you ever wondered if you are from a hot city? We’re not talking temperature wise, we’re talking attractive to the opposite sex, hot. Well, if you grew up in one of these 10 cities, you might’ve made this dating app’s “most desirable” hometowns list, which is pretty interesting.

According to the dating app, Hinge, there are 10 most desirable hometowns for dating. We know you might think your hometown is full of attractive people, but you could be wrong — at least when it comes to dating app data.

Hinge revealed that there are 10 main cities, all of which have a population size bigger than 50,000, in which their members consider the most “desirable hometowns” and some of them are pretty surprising.

Before getting to the list — we know you’re dying a little bit trying to figure it out — we have to share a very fun fact from the dating company.

A Hinge representative told Hello Giggles that "You're 75 percent more likely to connect with someone from your hometown, and two times more likely to go on a date if you're from the same place."

Basically, your hometown roots actually matter in the online dating world. Who knew?

Okay, so now down to the results. The top 10 hometown heartthrobs are as follows — for the overall list — Bethesda, MD at one, Wilmington, DE at two, Newton, MA at three, Manhattan, NY at four, and Greenwich, CT at five.

The last five for the overall list are, Boca Raton, FL, followed by Pasadena, CA, Newport Beach, CA, Boulder, CO and Boston, MA. Did your hometown make the cut?

As for the hometowns with the most sought after women, the cities switch it up a little bit more with Boca Raton, FL topping the list followed by Greenwich, CT. New additions include, Cherry Hills, NJ, Scottsdale, AZ, and Ann Arbor, MI.

See the full list of desirable hometowns for women below:

1. Boca Raton, FL
2. Greenwich, CT
3. Bethesda, MD
4. Boulder, CO
5. Newport Beach, CA
6. Cherry Hills, NJ
7. Stamford, CT
8. Newton, MA
9. Scottsdale, AZ
10. Ann Arbor, MI

As for men, the most sought after guys came from Bethesda, MD and Manhattan, NY. Additions to this category include, Fairfield, CT, Syracuse, NY, Santa Monica, CA, and Marietta, GA.

The whole list of desirable hometown (male or female daters) in order, is as follows:

1. Bethesda, MD
2. Manhattan, NY
3. Greenwich, CT
4. Newton, MA
5. Fairfield, CT
6. Newport Beach, CA
7. Boston, MA
8. Syracuse, NY
9. Santa Monica, CA
10. Marietta, GA

What do you think about this data? Is your hometown a “most desirable” location?

What are you waiting for, if you’re from one of these places, you should start looking for your Hinge match ASAP.

If you aren’t from these locations, then maybe your hometown is just your hometown and not a dating hunting ground, which is honestly okay with us.