This restaurant boss wonderfully came to the defense of his autistic employee

Today, in people that are #winning: A Manchester, England—based restaurant owner, Mike Jennings, who fired back at customers who refused service from one of the restaurant’s servers, who is autistic.

“The customers seemed to have a problem with him, even though his service was good,” Mike, who runs Grenache restaurant, told the Manchester Evening News. “I explained that he suffered from autism and their response was that they didn’t want to be served by him. They asked me why I would give him a job in a restaurant like ours. I couldn’t believe it.”

To hammer the point home, Mike took his stance on the matter to Facebook. The post, which has received about 16,000 likes and reactions, reads:

The 45-year-old autistic employee, Andy Foster, has been a part of Grenache’s front-of-house staff for about three weeks, and is also a caretaker for his mother, who has Alzheimers.

“I’ve always felt that it’s my fault and that I needed to apologize,” Andy says in a video posted by the Manchester Evening News. “With Caz and Mike’s support, they have shown me that it’s not the case. I shouldn’t be treated any different to any other member of staff.”

“The points that we’ve raised are in our eyes, nobody should be discriminated in any industry,” Mike also states in the video. “You should just treat everyone with the same respect.”

Bravo, Grenache!

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