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Rozzi and I were both raised in the Bay Area, a very, very “green” place. We grew up thinking things like sustainability, organic EVERYTHING and eco-consciousness were all standard. Um, they’re not.

When we moved to LA, we started realizing that there were certain common missing elements in our apartments. Namely RECYCLING. It’s crazy that this is even something that’s optional anymore. It’s the easiest to do, and such an insane thing to forgo. I don’t understand. But apartment after apartment after apartment (no one talks about how often you move in college, and it’s pretty much constant) had no recycling. This is obviously only one element of living a green life – but it started us thinking about what was unique about our upbringing and what we wanted to keep in our personal and professional lives no matter where we were – and right now, we’re everywhere at once.

Rozzi is currently on the Honda Civic Tour opening for and performing with Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson – she’s all over North America. I’m in the midst of producing an independent feature with The CollectinShut Up And Drive, that takes place all over the US, on a road trip between Los Angeles and New Orleans. We both have limited resources to work with in either situation. But, we get to start creating a working environment we like, and part of that is working with and incorporating companies that take a green approach. We started thinking about how to do this, and had NO IDEA. But we knew someone who did…

Erin Schrode is our dream solution. Erin has dedicated herself fully to being a self-described “eco renaissance woman”. That means living and acting in a way that takes a conscious effort to support sustainability and health and care for her (and our) environment.

We’ve been working with Erin recently and she helped green Rozzi’s tour, and now, she’s helping green my film set. I asked Erin to share some of her tips for this post, and here’s what she had to say:

  1. Reduce consumption. Do you really need everything you buy? What could you live without? Asking yourself these questions is step one in living green. Saving resources and money while reducing clutter and waste is good news all around!
  1. Clean up! Whether or not it is yours, take that extra second to pick up waste (from the sidewalk, playground, beach, park, you name it) in its proper place: a trashcan or recycling bin.
  1. Eat organic. Just do it. Please. Thank you. There are a million and one reasons to do so. 
  1. Rethink! Possibilities are endless when it comes to repurposing old items. Mason jars become flower vases, newspaper transforms into wrapping paper, food wrappers can be woven into purses, socks make stellar puppets, and that is only the beginning. Get crafty!
  1. Pack in reusable containers. Why choose single-use plastic bags or bottles? Metal containers are better for your health (no leaching), kinder to the environment (less waste), and more durable. Choose biocompostable or reusable utensils too!

Erin makes it seem really easy to live like this, and honestly it’s something that just gets easier and easier the more you think about it. Changing a few subtle things about your everyday life makes a huge difference. So, you know, start paying a little more attention to what products you’re using or what food you’re eating and get #GREEN, yo! No one’s suggesting becoming a vegan overnight and only wearing hemp or something, unless that’s what you’re about – then dope. But transitioning into a lifestyle that’s even remotely more conscious would be GREAT.

via @rozzicrane on Instagram – a look at some of the products helping green her tour.

The beginning of our craft services. All organic, all healthy, all sustainable. 

And this was only day one of deliveries!

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