Everything you know about the green gummy bear is wrong

Don’t you hate it when you find out something you’ve thought you’ve known your whole life turns out to be wrong? In today’s life lesson titles “How Did We Not Realize This For So Long,” I present the the Haribo green gummy bear. Everything you thought you knew about it is wrong. Let us explain.

BuzzFeed just made a shocking observation about the green gummy bear: it’s not the flavor you think it is. Artificially green food usually brings about flavors like, green apple. Or lime. Maybe kiwi. Possibly watermelon. These green gummy bears are none of the above. Instead, the green ones are – wait for it — strawberry.

Raise your hand if you’ve been eating handfuls of gummy bears your whole life, never thinking twice about the fact that the green bears are strawberry. But it’s true. The Haribo gummy bear packaging even says they’re strawberry. But we’ve been too busy ripping the bag open to eat them as quickly as possible to even notice.

While we’re at it, the red gummy bears aren’t cherry either. They’re raspberry. This will teach us to not look at the candy packages first. At least the orange gummy bears are at least orange-flavored and not something shocking like mango. That’d be too much for us to take.

(Image via iStock)