Green Day’s new album “Revolution Radio” is currently number one, and the world just makes sense

To no one’s surprise, Green Day’s latest album, Revolutionary Radio, snatched the number one spot just days after its release, making it the band’s third number one album. Early 2000s feels, anyone?

The album sold 95,000 copies in its first week — that’s definitely not a disappointing number considering Green Day has been around for three decades now and this is their 12th studio album.

And us fans have been waiting for this oh-so-patiently. The trio had a four-year break before returning with the album’s lead single, “Bang Bang.”

As usual, the music is chillingly relevant to the time. During a recent Rolling Stone interview, vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong explained the meaning of the song, which was written from the perspective of a mass shooter.

“It’s about the culture of mass shooting that happens in America mixed with narcissistic social media. There’s this sort of rage happening, but it’s also now being filmed and we all have ourselves under surveillance,” Billie Joe said. “To me, that is so twisted. To get into the brain of someone like that was freaky. It freaked me out.”

Right now, “Bang Bang” is number three on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart, behind Twenty One Pilots and Bastille.

Green Day announced a 24-date North American tour in support of Revolution Radio, which kicks off in March 2017. Sign us up!