This footage of a giant great white shark stalking a police boat will give you nightmares

Policemen off the southern coast of Australia were out on the water on Wednesday, April 4th, conducting random breathalyzer tests on boaters. And turns out they weren’t alone…a great white shark was afoot (atail?). As the police attempted to pull over a small fishing boat, the shark — over 14 feet long — began trailing behind them before turning its attention to the small boat.

The men in the recreational fishing boat told Adelaide’s ABC radio that they were trying to get away from the shark when the police pulled them over. “We kind of had thoughts of changing our Bonds [underwear] a couple of times,” boater Mark Oates told ABC. “So we powered up and cruised out of there but it just kept following us for 10 minutes.”

The police jokingly dubbed the shark Noah, saying that, “Noah wasn’t keen on being breath tested and our Water Operations Unit officers were happy to oblige!

Take a look at the footage for yourselves (warning: It’s straight up terrifying).

Great white sharks are endangered in Australia, and it’s against the law to harm them without specific exemptions from the federal environment minister. The number of great white sharks left in the wild cannot be confirmed, but the CSIRO estimates that there are at least 5,500 great white sharks off Australia’s east coast and 1,500 off of the west coast.

We’re just glad that no sharks OR humans were injured in the making of this video. Also, excuse us while we scream for approximately the next 45 minutes. That footage is ALARMING.

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