Here’s a video of a great white shark circling a kite surfer that will give you chills

Another day, another example of why the ocean is as terrifying as it is beautiful. Blogger Isabelle Fabre recently hit the waves of Western Australia for some kite surfing, but the paradisiacal setting quickly turned into a nightmare when a great white shark began circling beneath her. Much like the guy who unknowingly surfed past a shark, Fabre was completely unaware of the animal’s presence.

While recounting the life-threatening incident on Facebook, Fabre said she initially thought the dark figure in the water was her kite’s shadow, then she mistook it for a dolphin performing a trick. But then her friend Cyrille, who was filming her surfing session with a drone, spotted the huge fish on the aerial footage and yelled for Fabre to immediately get back to shore.

"Today I thought I was gonna get eaten by a great white," she captioned the post. "It was horrible."

The footage of the incident shows Fabre surfing while the shark swims behind her. Once she notices him, she makes a hasty retreat in the opposite direction.

Whew! Talk about a close call. Water sports like kite surfing seem like a ton of fun (and with a beautiful backdrop, no less), but every time we hear about a close shark encounter, it just reaffirms that it’s definitely not a hobby for the faint of heart.

Although Fabre admits to being pretty shaken up once she was safe on dry land, it’s obvious she handled the entire situation with poise and bravery, and we’re extremely relieved to see her surf another day.