There was one pretty big change in “Grease: Live” and here’s how people felt about it

Last night’s Grease: Live drew in an impressive 12.2 million viewers for Fox, surpassing the numbers that resulted from both NBC’s The Wiz Live and Peter Pan Live. However, despite the show’s popularity, Sunday’s colossal audience couldn’t help but notice a few changes that made the Live! version different from the original.


Mainly, suggestive lyrics were changed to make the show family-friendly. “The chicks’ll cream” became “the chicks’ll scream” during “Greased Lightning,” whereas “pussy wagon” transformed into “dragon wagon.”

Let’s see what the Twitterverse thinks, shall we?

Here are those who were on board with the lyric changes, along with those who suddenly realized exactly what the original lyrics alluded to:

Those who were super confused because what exactly is a dragon wagon?!:

Several believed that the production went a bit overboard with their censorship:

And many made a great point, realizing that – while several risqué lyrics were changed to make the program family-friendly – other lyrics describing sexual harassment were not altered:

What do you think? Do you think the lyric changes were necessary? Are you upset about the lack of consent-friendly changes, in spite of the family-friendly nature of the musical? Or, are you really happy with the end result?

(Images via Fox; Fox/Giphy; Twitter)

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