This “Grease” fan theory is giving us chills and they’re multiplying

The internet is a goldmine of clever and horrifying fan theories about our fave films. But there were a few classics we thought we could rely on for being exactly what they seemed. Mind-blowing news: Apparently Grease wasn’t actually one of them. Recently, a fan theory has resurfaced that TOTALLY changes how we see the film.


The theory basically states that the whole movie is Sandy’s dream as she drowns in the ocean, instead of being saved by Danny!

The fan elaborates:


…and not in a good way! Talk about creepy.

The theory goes on to explain the inexplicable flying car in the end — that’s Sandy finally dying, and going off to heaven. Um… yikes?

There’s another theory, according to Good Housekeeping, that the movie is actually Danny’s dying dream, as he fails at saving Sandy in the ocean and dies in the process, dreaming of what life could’ve been if they’d both survived. Still. Creepy.

The internet is a dark and interesting place, and we definitely love that people put their own spin on the things they watch. But… we’re still gonna stick with Grease as a happy love story. Sometimes y’just need a rom com, you know?


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