John Travolta weighed in on that creepy Grease fan theory that Sandy is, um, dead

There’s a bizarre and morbid fan theory about the 1978 film Grease that suggests that Sandy (played by Olivia Newton-John) drowned at the beach (!) and the entire movie is her coma dream (?). Also, the final scene of the film where the car flies away is supposed to signify that Sandy had gone on to heaven. So, yeah, it’s a weird one. In honor of the film’s upcoming 40th anniversary on June 16th, 2018, John Travolta weighed in on the bizarre viral fan theory and weirdly enough, he digs it.

"I love it, imaginations are awesome," Travolta told "These things are bound to happen to something timeless like this. It's so fun."

There’s a line in the song “Summer Nights” where Travolta’s character Danny sings, “I saved her life; she nearly drowned,” which is the moment that kicked off this entire conspiracy, though Travolta says that line was meant to be hyperbole.

“He’s bragging, it was made up to impress the boys,” he told the publication.

Even though Travolta is here for the theory, he says that, welp, there is no way it’s true. “I know the writers of Grease,” he confessed. “I was around in the original days. I can’t take it too far.”

A theory on the ending of “Grease from r/FanTheories

That being said, he has his own theory for what happened after the film ends: “I think [Sandy and Danny] had several kids, which people did in those days, they adored their kids, and they held onto their romance. Sandy and Danny were the real deal,” he said.

Awww, that’s definitely a lot sweeter than the “Sandy’s dead” version.

Olivia Newton-John weighed in on the coma-theory in 2016 and laughed it off, saying, “If that’s the case, then we were the first zombie musical.”

We think this theory is dead (lol get it?), however, USA Today says that director Randal Kleiser is planning to address the conspiracy rumor in an upcoming book. So hey, you never know.