Grant Gustin, AKA The Flash, just reminded us that guys get body shamed, too

There are a lot of superhero shows on TV right now, but The Flash stands out from the rest. It’s got all the comic action you could ever want with crazy bad guys and their insane backstories, but it’s also got a ton of heart (I’ll admit, I’ve cried a few times during The Flash). A lot of the depth of the show comes from its star, Grant Gustin, who plays CSI Barry Allen by day, speedster Flash by night. He pulls at all your heartstrings one second, and makes you laugh the next. The role also requires him to suit up in a skin-tight red jumpsuit.

If you’ve seen this red jumpsuit, you know that it’s form-fitting and that Gustin is a tall, lanky guy. That’s how some bodies are built. As long as Gustin is a healthy and happy guy, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way he wars that red jumpsuit, but he still finds himself on the receiving end of body shaming. Namely, from people telling him he should should put on a few more pounds.

While it feels like females are always being criticized for their bodies, sometimes we forget that guys are, too. Just as much as ladies, they’re told how they need to look and carry themselves to be seen in a certain light — and that especially goes for someone like Gustin who is playing a superhero. Stand him next to Arrow‘s Stephen Amell, and the two look nothing alike. But, everyone, there’s nothing wrong with that! However, we’ve got ~Society~ over here saying that both should be strong and muscular individuals if they’re going to save their city.

Nope. That juxtaposition should be celebrated, since both of them are able to save the day no matter what kind of body type they have.

Gustin took two Twitter to remind us of that (and warning, he used a NSFW word).

His words are true. Telling him to “put on ten” is like telling a female actress to “lose ten” for any role. In all, we should stop telling EVERYONE, not just actors on TV, how they should look. There are also things we fail to consider, like the fact that maybe Gustin has tried to put on ten pounds, but due to his body and metabolism, he can’t. So shaming someone for something they can’t physically do is awful. Yet, it continues to happen daily. While it mostly happens to women, we love that Gustin is calling attention to the fact that men receive that same pressure, too.

So man, woman, young, old, superhero, whatever you are, it’s important to be true to you, and not what the haters say on line. To echo, Gustin’s words, “you do you.”

(Image via The CW.)