Granny gets stuck in mud, falls, totally wins our hearts

Some grannies can be so-called sticks in the mud, fussing over you and your new pink hairdo at family dinners. But this granny just got stuck in the mud literally and we can’t help but LOVE her for it.

Now, obviously, you should respect your elders, so we just want to make it clear that we’re not laughing at English grandma of four Sara Coull after watching the below video of her struggling to get out of the mud in her stable yard. We’re laughing with her! Because she made light of what might have seemed like a dark situation.

It all starts with her getting her foot stuck in some mud and laughing hysterically about her bout (or should we say boot?) of bad luck. But then it gets even better when she falls down and can’t get up again and exclaims that “some [mud] has gone down [her] bum!” (Can you imagine that? Actually, maybe don’t? *Shudder*)

What’s awesome is that even though there is a part where Sara calls out her friend (a.k.a. “Mr. Filmer”) for just standing by and not rushing to her aid, she really appears to have a great sense of humor about the whole thing. She could be crying, but she’s smiling and giggling the whole time, reveling (or is it rolling?) in the absurdity of the situation! And that’s even after she gets up from her fall and then gets stuck AGAIN.

Obviously Sara’s sunny outlook on her muddy experience hasn’t just had an impact on us. Since this video of her was uploaded by her daughter, Georgia, on Facebook, it has gotten over 2 million views!

As for Sara herself, don’t worry. She has said that she got out of this whole thing okay after being rescued by “Mr. Filmer” (real name: Trevor) via tractor. Apparently Sara had to strip down to her undies to get out of the mud (*Insert granny panties joke here!*), but, hey, after all she’d already been through that day, it was probably the least of her worries, right?

There’s no word yet on whether Sara will be taking new precautions when she goes into the stable yard next time (word is, she does this all the time!). But if we were her, we’d be careful. Or at least make sure there aren’t any cameras around to catch us!

Check out the vid below!

(Image via Daily Mail Video)

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