These grandparents recreated ‘Up,’ made us feel all the emotions one possibly can

Warning: the video we’re about to show you will make you cry in the best way possible. Seriously, we’re talking the definition of “happy tears” here.

Pianist Jason Lyle Black decided to help his grandparents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, but not with an ordinary party or a heartwarming gift. Instead, he chose to compose a musical arrangement mirroring Carl and Ellie’s theme from the movie Up. (We’re already crying and we haven’t even gotten to the clip yet.) “My grandparents were very excited to be part of this video,” Black writes on YouTube. “It was so fun to work with them on it. I’ve loved their piano duets ever since I was a little kid, so this will be a family treasure for all of us.”

Throughout the video, there are spectacular Easter eggs that pay homage to Up. There’s a cane complete with tennis balls, the touching Adventure Book, and a family dog who can’t help but shout, “Squirrel!” Jason himself also makes an appearance at the end, clad in a “Wilderness Explorer” uniform that mimics the one Russell wears in Up. While all of this is absolutely wonderful, the best part is the love that Black’s grandparents have for one another. As they play the piano together, everything seems to fall into place. There’s a palpable happiness that’s shared between these two humans and it’s an absolutely joy to watch it unfold. What’s more – we just have to say that their piano playing is exceptional!

Black’s video gives viewers a beautiful look into his grandparent’s lives. As their uplifting music plays in the background, we get to see personal family photos. This makes the YouTube clip more than a simple anniversary celebration – it also serves to celebrate the beauty of love.

When you’re done with that virtual tissue box, can you please pass it back this way?

[Image via YouTube]

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