This teenager’s grandparents coordinate their outfits every day and we cannot handle

Science has suggested that you can start to look like your partner after being with someone for a long time. But Anthony Gargiula’s grandparents are taking their similarities to the next level and coordinate their outfits daily.

The 17-year-old tweeted several pictures of his grandparents, Fran and Ed Garguila, in matching outfits over several days and nobody can handle the sweetness.

According to CNN, the grandparents started coordinating their outfits when they began square dancing together a few years ago. Before anyone knew it, it just became something they enjoyed doing every day.

And to prove just how awesome his grandparents are, Anthony shared that he gets texts a “good morning” text every day from his grandfather that includes a picture of their day’s coordinated clothing choices.

People everywhere are totally touched by the absolutely adorable fashion devotion these two have shown.

They’re even inspiring others to do the same.

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And just buddies who want to match with their bestie.

After Anthony shared these awesome pictures and the internet lost its collective mind, he told his grandparents they’d become famous.

His grandfather’s absolutely perfect response was simply a text the next morning that said, “Good morning from your famous grandparents.” 

These two are seriously the best. We love everything about them and wish them many more years of happy outfit coordinating!

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