This grandpa took on flower girl duties at his granddaughter’s wedding and we are laugh-crying

Future brides who want to include flower girls in your wedding, listen up: An adult can totally get the job done. Just ask this 85-year-old grandpa who took on flower girl duties in his granddaughter’s wedding and made us weep-laugh in the process.

As Country Living perfectly named him, Stanley the “flower grandpa” eagerly honored the wishes of granddaughter Jen Briskin, who knew she wanted to incorporate him a way that would break away from a traditional wedding. They initially joked about her non-traditional take on the flower girl, but luckily, her grandfather was more than willing to play the part, minus the attempted upstaging and refusal to cooperate that we’re used to seeing from the typical flower girl.

Briskin shared the video on YouTube and now her adorable grandpa is officially on his way to viral superstardom:

"He liked to joke that this would make him 'go viral!' My whole family thought that I was crazy but I couldn’t let it go," Briskin said. "I wanted our wedding to be memorable and different without being cheesy and I thought that this would be the perfect addition to our ceremony."

And it was! We totally got a kick out of how “flower grandpa” carefully placed the flowers while taking time to stop and chat with the guests as he made his way down the aisle. Congrats to the couple and endless thanks to Grandpa Stanley for making us laugh and cry at the same time.