This grandpa isn’t ready to let go of his dreams of playing in the NBA

Calvin Roberts is 6’8, 246 pounds, and in excellent health. At 61 years of age, this grandpa isn’t giving up dreams of joining the NBA. He’s been training day in and day out, pushing himself to the max, in the hopes of trying out for the NBA Summer League. Can we pause here and say — we are hugely inspired! After making it as a Spurs draft pick in 1980, the 61-year-old Roberts is still actively moving towards his dreams of playing on an NBA team. He’s putting it out there to the world. And, most importantly, he hasn’t given up hope.

According to ABC News, Roberts said he was drafted as a fourth-round pick for the San Antonio Spurs. This was way back in 1980, almost 40 years ago. (Way, WAY back for some of you!) So, of course, in his dream scenario, he would return to the fold and play for the Spurs. Hey, we think black and silver would look awesome on this Las Vegas grandfather. Even though Calvin didn’t make the roster in 1980, he did play 15 seasons of professional basketball overseas.

Calvin talked openly about his dedication and his enthusiasm for this second chance.

"I’m healthy for my age and I’m dedicated. I hope they see that, he told ABC News. “I am trying to get their attention so they can see that I’m in shape, I’m ready and willing to try it again at this age. I’m serious and I want to be there. It’s my second chance and I’m taking it. If they give me a chance, I’m going all the way.

Check him out for yourself.

People on Twitter are inspired by Calvin’s confidence and determination.

But others think that his dreams should stay dreams.


Despite what the haters might think, we think the act of dreaming and putting it out there is pretty damn courageous. We salute you, Calvin Roberts. Your determination and tenacity inspires the heck out of us.