These grandmas just can’t even with Millennial slang

Ever think about what you want to be when you grow up? My answer used to be “an astronaut.” But after watching this hilarious video of these four grandmas trying to figure out the meaning behind Millennial slang (and realizing I’ll never be a rocket scientist), I’m officially changing my answer to “these women.”

These good-spirited women are told slang like “on fleek,” “bae,” “perf,” and “IRL,” then use old-fashioned logic and some collaborative brainstorming to try and figure the word’s meaning out.


And, ICYMI, the results are absolutely delightful.


Even if they’re not always major fans of the slang, they happily give it a try just to see what all the fuss is about. And in doing so bring a whole new level of charm to the English language.

They’re not only good sports about figuring the word out and get joy out of learning the meanings, but they when say them in sentences, they bring the words a whole new level of class.

IMHO TBH, there’s nothing cooler than a women who refuses to act her age.


If you haven’t watched this video yet, find four minutes out of your busy day to spend watching these splendid women spin our slang into verbal gold. This video, like these women, is totally “on point.”

(Images via obsev/YouTube, obsev/YouTube, obsev/YouTube, Netflix/Tumblr)

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