Grandmas trying Fireball Whiskey for the first time is exactly as great as you’d expect

Remember that time you did a round of Fireball shots with your grandma? No? Didn’t think so. But if it sounds too crazy to be true, think again. Observ is introducing grandmas to Fireball, and they’re actually into it.

Kind of.

In the video, which Observ posted to YouTube (thank you, Internet gods!), four grannies do a round of shots. But first, there’s a lot of preparation. They examine the bottle. They read the label. They pour the drinks, and for some reason it looks like they’re readying themselves for a genteel wine tasting…until one of them takes a whiff. “It has a distinct smell, actually,” She gives a nonchalant shrug. “Maybe it’s the balls.”

We should probably mention that this particular granny, despite looking like the straight-laced one of the bunch, likes herself a par-tay. During the Olympics, she had a backyard bash and the entire Spanish yachting team came. So there’s that. Get it, grandma.

So how do they like the fireball whiskey? Despite describing it as tasting like “fiery hot medicine going down,” they claim to enjoy it. (Because hey, who doesn’t enjoy a flaming hot shot of pharmaceuticals? I mean, YUM.)  Look out Spanish boating enthusiasts, grandma is throwing a party.

[Image and video via Facebook.]