This grandma fangirled HARD at a Taylor Swift concert

A family in Nashville, Tennessee was very happy on Saturday to take their grandma to a Taylor Swift concert. According to a story they shared on YouTube, this family bought tickets a year in advance, well before anyone could even guess the magnitude of epic that Taylor’s 1989 tour would be, particularly because of the incredible guests she brings up onstage each night. Their grandma’s health had been on the fritz recently, so when she traveled to Nashville just to spend time with her grandkids, it was a pretty big deal.

And then it got way way bigger.

Taylor introduced Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger, who joined her in singing “Satisfaction.” The stars were perfectly aligned: Turns out that Grandma is one of Mick’s hugest fans. She recently told her family that she was bummed that her health issues had prevented her from seeing the Stones on tour this past year.

When Mick took the stage, Grandma completely fangirled out, clutching her heart and screaming, “Oh my god! Oh my god!” Her granddaughter filmed her grandma’s absolutely perfect reaction, and the sheer, unbridled delight on her face will totally make your day. Look at those tears of pure joy!

Even Queen Tay herself loved how happy this granny was to see Mick. She tweeted a link to the family’s video, captioning it, “Why I like bringing out surprise special guests on tour.” Just another day in the life of Taylor, using super sparkle cat powers to make dreams come true.

The family describes how amazing the entire experience has been, from hanging out with their beloved, healthy grandmother at a concert to spotting her on T-Swift’s Twitter.

This fan-gran sounds like an amazing human — I mean, obviously, she is living her best life. When she’s not swooning over rock stars, she works as a senior citizens’ rights activist.

You go, girl!

Watch the full, heartwarming video here.

(Images via YouTube and here.)

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