This graduate dressed his chihuahua in a matching cap and gown, and they both get an A+

A Texas college student wanted to make sure his adorable pup felt appreciated on graduation day – so he pulled out all the stops and made the dog his own graduation cap and gown. 

The University of Texas student, who tweets under @sirjoshofmosh on Twitter, posted photos of himself and his chihuahua looking ultra-chic in matching graduation attire.

"We just received a bachelor's degree in cute," the caption read.

Um, pretty sure y’all just defended your dissertation in cute and were awarded a Ph.D., but we can appreciate your humility in this situation.

The pup earned an A+ for his outfit, which featured a fake shirt-and-tie under a graduation robe, complete with TINY LITTLE HANDS which would be perfect for diploma-holding.

Way to go, doggo (and human)! We know you’ve spent countless hours together during late-night study sessions and paper-writing marathons. It’s only fitting that you graduate together, too!

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